Help A Child

Children Homes are set up to foster the integrated development of destitute children on a global level. To make an arrangement of the physical needs, education and spiritual development of the children we have taken a first step towards this. Presently we are involved with Chembur Childrens Home in Mumbai.

In Chembur Childrens Home, we meet the responsibility of the children including education, clothes and medical treatment by providing them study material, free medical checkup and medicines, clothes.

Destitute children's life is very hard. Everyday they strive hard in order to keep going. Without parents, at early age, it is difficult for a street kid to find food and drinkable water. Moreover diseases and other thousands of dangers are always behind the corner. What future can provide these children without someone to take care?

If you feel close to these children you can adopt them in an effective way. By giving your contribution you will receive immediately a curriculum of the child and periodically you will receive information about their health, education and progress. Wont you think to do something too?

If you want to do something to change their life, to bring up smile on their faces then Let's Join Together

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