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On 4th May 2000, the Shivprerana Mahila Rahiwasi Seva Mandal Trust was established in collaboration with destitute women with the aim to initially provide help for health. The glaring reason behind the establishment of the charitable trust was that the father of Mrs. Nikita Panchal being President of the said Trust was suffering from the Heart attack, he has been admitted in K.E.M Hospital managed and maintained by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai so also the father of Mr. Nandakunar Panchal, being Founder of the said Trust was suffering from paralysis and he was also admitted in the same hospital for medical treatment, for that time being, they have been, in a critical situation due to lack of financial support. They have been treated in municipal hospital with the help of some of the social workers extending their precious time and efforts for charities for needy people in the K.E.M hospital.

At that time, they inspired with motivations of such social workers who had helped them at their crucial time in the hospital, they decided to help and co-operate other needy people in the society suffering from the same pain in municipal hospitals by way of charity and because of their immense inspiration the Shivaprerana Mahila Rahivasi Seva Sangh came into existence for the object of charity and social work. To establish charitable trust, Mr. Nandkumar Panchal had motivated other neighboring women residents and in collaboration of neighboring residents, he has formed the said Trust and registered with the authority wherein Mrs. Niketa Panchal has accepted the responsibility of President of the Trust. The expectation and aim behind establishing this organization was to help needy people and to motivate society to help other people in their immediate fundamental needs, suffering from poor, vulnerable, infectious diseases, education, empowerment of women, protection of Human Rights and various other problems.

Shri Panchal is a foundation and President Mrs. Niketa Panchal is a cornerstone of this organization extending their efforts and hands to help poor and destitute patients, children, handicapped people, people suffering from virulent disease, women empowerment, education, establishment of small scale industries, to educate people for establishing self employment and other marginalized and needy people in the society. All eminent members of the trust who came together with common intention to serve and help poor and needy people commence work towards the community, to protect the basic rights of all kinds of vulnerable people in the society, consequently, many more people benefitted and therefore this organization became a real social organization for destitute and poor.

This organization extending its efforts for protection of rights of the society, upliftment of poor, undeveloped, illiterate, unemployed, downtrodden in the society and such needy people with expectations to give them opportunity to live their lives like other educated developed people.

We are happy to mention here that, to meet the aims and objectives of the organizations trust, many people have joined their hands together with the office bearers to pursue the said objects and accepted membership of the organization. It is more pleasurous to say that all such members joining their hands to help this organization are actively involved in the social work followed by the organization for betterment of the society. This organization really reached to such needy people who are in the need of aid. In this 22nd year’s successful long journey, the organization has provided as much support to the needy people as possible at various stages, level and situation therefore, indeed, this trust becomes renowned organization in the society for social work and the entire credit of this achievement goes to founder of the organization, Mr. Nandakumar Panchal and the president Mrs. Nikita Panchal.