Education For All

We started as a small interior design firm in downtown Michigan, aiming to help home buyers make do with the new space that they had acquired. It soon became obvious that it would make sense to help our clients see beyond the walls and floor plans and be there with them from the get-go. Currently, we offer house realtor, interior design, and architecture services in order to help our customers find their forever homes as seamlessly and painlessly as possible.

Our mission

The India has keenly pursued the “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan” (Education for all) goals that are defined in the area of early childhood care and education, primary education, gender, youth and adolescents, adult education and quality of education. Education is an important resource of social control and social transformation and a good source of communication of knowledge and technology. Therefore, opportunity of education must be given to everyone. The Convention of Universal Declaration of Human Rights resolved that “Everyone has right to education” and the same has been implemented by the Government of India adopting and ratifying the convention of the UDHR and to help to achieve the object of the Government to provide Education for All and to fulfill the aim of this Charitable Trust the Shivprerana Mahila Rahivasi Sangh (Trust) came forward to provide education to all children whoever deprived from primary education due to extreme poverty.

This charitable trust to fulfill its obligation established Shivprerana Mahila Residents Service Institute. The said Institute distributed educational materials such as handicrafts, school bags, school uniforms, books and other school supplies to poor and orphaned school students with an intention to meet children's basic necessities so that they can get free and compulsory basic education.

Our vision

To provide educationlal help and support to the children, Shivprerana Trust provides basic educational material to the institutes and schools. As a part of which the organization has distributed school useful items for the educational development of orphans in Mankhurd Children's Home Recommendation Nagar. Some of the children in the Children's Home are suffering from mental illness. The organization has distributed free medicines to such children with the objective of ensuring a healthy and conducive educational environment for their children and to improve their behavior. Education is a necessity today. The government has given every child in the country the right to free education. But the institute is working to ensure that such special children are properly nurtured so that they get the right opportunity for education.

The institute is striving to provide legal rights to education for orphan needy and disadvantaged children. The organization distributed food grains to provide adequate food to orphans in Children's Home in Anushakti Nagar. There are approximately 185 orphan children living in this Children's Home. The organization has worked to provide the basic needs of all these children. The institute is helping children with orphans in the Children's Home every year to provide this kind of essential commodity, food. The organization provides free medicines to needy children every year, and the the same will be continued to do so. The institute celebrates orphanages and programs with orphans by giving them a sweet meal every year during the

cultural programs and festivals of the orphans.