Empowering Futures, Healing Lives: Education and Care for India's Underprivileged Children, Tribes, and Cancer Patients.

"We are searching for and fulfilling the needs of underprivileged, tribal children in India and those without homes, and educating them."

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Projects we are focusing on

New schools

Stand for Children commits itself to helping students receive a quality education regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or geographic location. The organization engages parents to actively support their children’s education.

Teacher qualifications

At schools, teachers are change makers. So, what happens to student learning when only one in six teachers in a district has proper training? Adequate funding can help teachers develop the skills needed to make a difference.

Our Works

New schools

Being a committed community centre, We aim at improving the standard of living of people living below poverty line by providing basic facilities through various social activities:

  • Ensuring Primary education for underprivileged children.

  • Running Day care centre for children.

  • Adult education and thereby making them aware of their rights and responsibilities.

  • Ensuring basic health-care facilities by organizing General-Health camps.

  • Helping out women facing domestic violence.

  • Empowering women by offering them various opportunities of self-employment.

  • Intervention during Natural calamities.

  • Rehabilitation of physically challenged and socially deprived groups.

To conduct all these activities we are in process to acquire a vacant plot from government near mankhurd. This is one of the most important target of Shiv Prerana Mahila Rahivashi Seva Mandal and we are sure that people from all different area will help us to grow and achieve all these goals.

Your help is instrumental in providing children access to the education they deserve